Friday, October 8, 2010



Last week, we watched the first Narnia movie with our 2 children. They were fascinated! In fact, they've spent most of their free time since then pretending to be King Peter and Queen Susan. A few nights after the movie, I was tucking my son into his warm quilt for bed, and he very seriously asked, "Mamma, how do I get to heaven?" I wish I could have recorded every word of that conversation, (I hope to rewatch it someday when I'm in heaven). As I asked God for the right words, my son's eyes were opened to the Truth about the One who died for him, as the Great Aslan died to pay the blood debt that was owed! He understood the connection! Since then, he has asked more and more questions about heaven, even asking me to look it up on the computer! All this has tuned my worshipful side towards heaven as well. I remember back in 2007 writing a song called "Paradise" as I was driving in the car and imagining if I was just whisked away by Jesus right then and there. The song inspired me to dig deeper into what eternity with my Creator would look like, smell like, feel like, and taste like? I ran across worship artist Phil Wickham's song entitled "Heaven Song" and it took my breath away! Here are some of my own lyrics and Phil's song to get your imagination pumping as you ponder Paradise...


I just wanna close my eyes

And be flown away

I see You in the skies

You’re shining bright as day

And all I hear

Is Your still small voice

Drawing me ever near

Into Your joy

This must be paradise

I see the sacrifice

And He’s calling me child and friend

This is eternal life

I see the Lord of light

And He does not begin or end

And all that I see

Takes me to my knees

Beholding the King of Kings

I just wanna hold Your hand

and walk close to You

our footsteps in the sand

it’s such a perfect view

And now I see

What I’ve waited for

I fall down to my knees

But You bid me soar!

~ C. Grover 2007

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