Sunday, May 31, 2009


We recently went on an excursion to the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield. Gracia & Joah had the privilege of feeding this 23 yr. old giraffe named "Stretchy". He was a good 'ole sport. Giraffe's normal life expectancy is 20 yrs. Joah's feeding him a cracker and our friend Wendy is holding him so I can snap this pic. Really cool!


One Grover Family weakness is definitely CHOCOLATE!!!
or "Chock-lick" as the kids call it!
Joah is such a cute mess, way to go buddy! And thank you Daddy (Jeff) for cleaning him up!

Cinderella Saturday

I read about doing this in a magazine once. So, the whole family pitched in and did some much needed cleaning around the house. Then, after naps, we got all spruced up (or fancied...whichever you prefer) and headed down to Springfield for night out. Daddy took us all to Lambert's. It was fun and we left with FULL tummies. What a great time! 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday we went on a bike ride by our house and the kids found the most beautiful wildflowers. They did a great job creating a Spring Bouquet!
What simple fun.